Coverboard Methods

Coverboard METHODS: Details about 2’X4′ half-inch thick plywood used to detect terrestrial amphibians and reptiles. (one page)

Amphibian & Reptile FIELD DATA SHEET: Field data sheet used to document amphibians and reptiles. (one page, two sided)

SMARTPHONE METHODOLOGIES ( Natural history website and mobile application used by volunteer record contributors and identifier respondents to support the citizen science aspect of this research.

Map of Study Sites
Map of Study Sites. Used ArcGIS [GIS software]. Version 10.6. Redlands, CA: Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc., 2018. Service Layer Credits: Sonoma County Vegetation Mapping and LiDAR Consortium, NASA, University of Maryland, Watershed Sciences, Inc., Tukman Geospacial LLC Sources: Esri, USGS, NGA, NASA, CGIAR, N Robinson, NCEAS, NLS, OS NMA, Geodatastyrelsen, Rijkswaterstaat, GSA, Geoland, FEMA, INtermap and the GIS user community Source: ESRI, DigitalGlob, GeoEye, Earthstart Geographics, CNES/Airbus DS, USDA USGS, AercGRID, IGN, and the GIS User Community. NHD, HUC via USGS

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