Higher-Level Questions for Students

Student observations can lead to higher-level questions for class discussions and further research. For this project, one high school student observed a Collard Lizard (genus Crotaphytus). This genus has never been observed west of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range before. This could have been an escaped exotic pet or this species could be naturalizing due to changes in climate. Normally Collard Lizards are found in drier climates. This leads to the discussion about the change in distribution of species due to climate change. This is a very interesting observation which has intrigued the online community.

Research-Grade Collard Lizard Observation by Skylar Mellus at Howarth Park, Santa Rosa, CA on April 14, 2012.

Research-grade Western Fence lizard with two tails observed by Laura McDaniel at Spring Lake Park, Santa Rosa, CA on April 18, 2012.

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